Don’t you just love it?

Tommy Reilly  the latest British now signed act with his first single, a plea for a phone call, is a post-Modern Romeo.

Not only is he having trouble contacting Juliet but he ‘s doing it in front of cameras – his heart about to be broken. He has to focus on a new chart-topping album; so there’s no time to track down the love he left in a Scottish underground pass after sharing a pint with her. The lovelorn youth’s lyrical ballad becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy; part of a poignant pre-Valentine’s Day romance.

Still, let’s suppose, at least, he doesn’t have to choose between trainers, in a bag, or sodden moon boots to get him into central London in sub-zero climes. Pop Music success should keep him on warm tour buses, in studios, or dressing rooms from now on.

In our world, Hilary Alexander covered all the weather bases for the Telegraph this week; revealing how fashionistas are wearing expensive Italian gear and ‘ski accessories just unpacked from Verbier or Aspen,’ while researching stockists for thermals and boots that grip.

Writing from an electronic cottage on the Yorkshire-Lancashire border, it’s clear our hoary frozen days are bright and light as June. So that’s how Scandinavian winters are bearable. With such startling quality of light, from snow, less Schnapps and fewer ginger biscuits will be needed to see them through till Spring.

Back to the book, How Fashion promotes itself – the new black magic. It’s all very well planning a course in displacement activities but blogging for fun has to be a rationed treat.

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