New York New York

Why do the Americans love success as much as they do? Recently in New York when I told someone I have a book,  in production, it was like telling a parent  or an  enthusiastic teacher.  They were thrilled for me.  Back in  benighted Britain I might be losing friends or family members as a result of my success and their meally mouthed meanspiritedness.

This book, ‘The New Black Magic’ which I must admit, I describe as the ‘most beautiful’ ever published,  makes them catatonic with jealousy.  They can hardly hide it and begin to berate me for some concocted misdemeanor, they have imagined, faces twitching  with ill-disguised dismay.

It’s probably not totally unadulterated love of humanity which makes our friends across the Atlantic warmly congratulatory.   A friend who sells  Time Shares in Florida  said that if I  told an American that I had written three novels, but had failed to have them commissioned, then they would  rather be talking to a recently promoted pizza delivery boy, than a potential, but as yet acknowledged, writer.

Now although I have Fashion  to talk  about to every woman, I meet, it may be particularly relevant to America.   The New Black Magic is partly a spin-off from  studies  on women  both there, and in Britain.  Yet  I could not have expected such positive responses in Boston, Rhode Island and NY.  It was wonderful to find that ideas of discovery and creativity are absolutely flourishing,  and  being encouraged, in the good old U.S of A.  The current economic fight back, so  noticeable, in  New York is evidence of this spirit.

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