Don’t go Breaking my Heart

TARON Egerton in ‘Rocketman,’ the Elton John biopic, does a tremendous job in the main role, capturing John’s vocal style if not his precise sound, while Richard Madden smoulders throughout as Reid.

Dexter Fletcher’s decision to dispense with reality does have its upside. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the scene in which Elton duets with his boyhood self at the bottom of a swimming pool, bubbles escaping his nostrils as he does, or another in which the audience at an early US show literally levitate.

Irocket_man_01It’s The Dirt as envisioned by Baz Luhrmann.

Watch that scene, digging the Dancing Queen…

WHO will win ‘Strictly?’ ‘What will Alexandra, Debbie, Gemma, Molly,  and Joe be wearing this week? Or are you still wondering if middle class morality means a thing after watching Howard’s End?

‘Bread and circuses,’  the ancient Roman technique to keep its citizens in order, is a long way from today’s Cappucinos and box-sets. Yet we’re entranced and distracted by the range and quality of our broadcasters and filmmakers spectacular output.

The Media Industry has so stepped up to the plate with its totally impressive range of information platforms and entertainment channels that now all we have to do is to  check on  how we can pay for the bread!





Value Added Pleasure

Huddersfield University’s Costume and Fashion Summer Shows, at the Lawrence Batley Theatre,  gave me two hours of unadulterated aesthetic pleasure. As being backstage at the NT or  BBC television centre, I could fantasise playwrighting, directing ballet, film, revue, cabaret  as scenes of glamour, romance, and adventure unfolded.

At the Fashion show sitting in the gallery, not at catwalk level, as for other graduate shows, I could marvel at  students’ ingenuity; creating clothes for dreams with tailoring and making-details in sharp relief under the spotlights.

Each brilliantly turned hem, exquisitely rendered ruffle, sensitively stitched pleat, softly draped bodice, tightly corseted waist, delighted me.   I was watching haute couture, from a very special angle;  seeing the creativity  lecturers, technicians  and students are sending into the market place.

This is the unsung value a university  adds to society and we should begin to sing about it before it is unpicked before our eyes.  Courses run at universities like Huddersfield, carrying on the Polytechnic tradition, give today’s, and tomorrow’s, workforce the opportunity to feed new technologies; becoming essential content providers for the future.

We should be alert to the risks of new talent not accessing these courses through not realising the excellent investment value of  cheap student loans.    We must guard against this danger.

Above right: Chanel accused Dior of ‘upholstering’ women:  FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION  the new black magic p46