No Blaming Mother

In an episode of the much loved American sit com, Frasier, his brother Dr Niles Crane takes over at the mic for a session in his, ‘I’m Listening’ spot.  Both men are cast in the drama as successful psychologists.

In his introduction Niles explains, “Let me tell you I’m a Jungian and Frasier is a Freudian, so there’ll be no blaming mother, today!’

Checking out the images of these two thought provoking 20th century geniuses I see they come with extra quotes, for our amusement.sigmund_freud_quote_3Jung

The Nursery Slopes

MythologiesFairy TalesLucky children in a school near Hebden Bridge will be having their imaginations stirred when their Year One teacher shows them beans, painted with poster colours, which have been dropped by Jack after escaping from the giant.

I suppose my equivalent is having ordered Barthes ‘Mythologies,’ in French.  All my First Year students are going to read it,  I hope, in English.  A French student and I will try to find some ever more subtle nuances, in the words, by comparing notes.

As Barthes said, “We must not forget that an object is the best messenger of a world above that of nature: one can easily see in an object at once a perfection and an absence of origin, a closure and a brilliance, a transformation of life into matter (matter is much more magical than life), and in a word a silence which belongs to the realm of fairy-tales.”

The cover for the French version has the 1960s Dessus on it and so I can direct you to this page: