We’re at a turning point in politics. Three remarkable LABOUR MPS spoke on BBC 1 television yesterday. For the first time in ages I’m back to feeling optimistic.  Now, so, “What about the women?”


Angela Rayner told Andrew Marr of her reason for going for deputy leadership of the LABOUR Party.  She assured him it was to make best use of her practical personality! She then proceeded to show her complete grasp of LABOUR’s ideologies and its intentions to have all of us reach our true potential.


Andrew next entertained Rebecca Long Bailey, campaigning for the Labour party leadership position.  Sounding very ‘cabinet’ material, the Shadow Education Secretary,  made the crucial point that the Labour Party will raise up society; providing support for aspirational classes through well funded, targeted, Health Services, Social Care and Education. These ‘transformational policies’  would be put into practice through improving productivity and restoring our economy.


Next on Sunday, (16.02.20) on ‘Politics England,’ our own brave heart Holly Lynch, MP for Halifax. In flood torn Calderdale she represented all her own constituents in the town and those of Calder Valley.   “We now know that Storm Ciara brought flooding to over 500 residential properties in Calderdale, over 400 businesses, 8 schools, 2 care homes and caused a great deal of damage to a number of roads and highways infrastructure. Unlike in 2015 the Government has not committed to making recovery grants available for either businesses or residents, with the problems exacerbated by the Government’s chaotic reshuffle.”

As well as appearing on this morning’s, ‘Politics England’  Holly Lynch’s efforts to support the people of West Yorkshire, our MP submitted an application for an Urgent Question to the Secretary of State for DEFRA, following the floods which the Government converted to an Urgent Statement.  She writes, “I was deeply concerned that the then SoS wasn’t across the detail of the situation and didn’t commit to any central Government funding towards Calderdale’s recovery, only reiterating what funding had already been committed in Flood defences. She agreed to a meeting but having followed her out of the chamber to arrange the details, it became clear, that even, she didn’t think she would still be in the job come the end of the week.”

Holly  is committed to continue her campaign to rescue the devastated people of Calderdale, and will be outlining a number of asks to George Eustice, Theresa Villiers,’ successor.