We have to talk about Jeremy!

The BRITISH LABOUR PARTY, the largest political group in Europe, has over 512,000 members with more joining since this figure was published a couple of weeks ago.

Why is this?  It’s because Jeremy Corbyn has instigated the most radical form of democratisation to the Labour Party since Aristotle’s reforms in Athens.

Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusive strategies mean the Labour Party is equipped to handle the REAL CHANGE which happens because of exponential development of technology and its impact on industry.   LABOUR’s manifesto is researched and delivered by specialists from among its 512,000 members across the UK.

Economists from among LABOUR’s ranks have costed every part of the manifesto. ‘The Financial Times’ on November 30th, announced,  “It seems clear to us that the Labour Party has not only understood the deep problems we face, but has devised serious proposals for dealing with them. We believe it deserves to form the next government.”

Jeremy Corbyn is able to achieve this life saving potential because of his charmed childhood. His parents not only liked him, but included him in their campaigns for peace, love and fairness. He in turn is loved and admired by his children who all work towards kindness and decency for everyone.


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