Cowardly counts, devious debutantes, and gangrenous greed!

I’ve moved spaces which made it tedious to read, I thought.

Cinema Fashionista

YESTERDAY’s Daily Mail nonsense about Princess Margaret, rubbish so last century it is surely designed to draw attention from the real villains now appearing on Netflix in The Crown: pernicious politicians, cowardly counts, precious princes, quivering queen-mothers, philandering presidents and the rest.


Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister who died in 2002, was a delightful approachable person. When I met her it was around the time this photograph was taken.

I’ve chosen this image because the story she told me included both her children, David Viscount Linley  and Lady Sarah Chatto. Princess Margaret was visiting a Haberberdashers Aske school in Bunbury, Cheshire and I was reporting it for the Liverpool Daily Post.

Unless she had been an accomplished diplomat and unpretentiously egalitarian the visit would have been an embarrassment on more than one front.  As she arrived a teaching member of staff, lined up to greet her, decided to make…

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