Strictly Chicago!

IT’s tricky not letting addictive ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ become the thrill of the week. But yesterday I found the antidote! I watched the full length dance movie, Chicago (2001). It’s  still sensational with the genius dance moves of director and choreographer Rob Marshall.

With music by Kander and Ebb, the team behind ‘Cabaret,’ Chicago won six academy awards in 2003 and was the first musical to win Best Picture, since ‘Oliver’ in 1968.

Nightclub sensation Velma (Catherine Zeta-Jones) murders her philandering husband, and Chicago’s slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), is set to defend her. But when aspiring star Roxie (Renée Zellweger) also winds up in prison, Billy also takes on her case. They turn the 1920s ‘Windy City’ into a media circus. Neither will be outdone in her fight for fame and celebrity.


Here Collen Atwood’s costume designs appear in court as Roxie, performs as the innocent victim; killing in self-defence, begging for the life of her (fictional) unborn child, for Billy Flynn, the blindingly corrupt, ‘razzle dazzle,’ lawyer.

Influences around the time of Miccuia Prada’s S/S 2001 collection seem to have inspired both the svelte stage outfits and clothes for prison and street scenes in the movie, don’t  you think?



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