A day in the year of a ‘Lifelong Learner!’

NEED an autumn break more than ever, but bothered about the planet. A vegan lifestyle may be the way forward but perhaps I should reconsider whether cruising around the globe for my next voyage is strictly ballroom!

Today I’m running ‘Cospa Gee’ in Akihabara for my friend. She’s a geek but a clever organised otaku. Her followers often create wardrobes from scratch, but  ‘Cospa Gee’s off-the-rack costumes, ranging from Sailor Moon to Final Fantasy fare, accessories and wigs are here for me to sell until it’s night-time in Tokyo.


To keep me relaxed, as I dress for the day, I recall with utter mindfulness the moment I saw the coat which will take me from shopping mall to gorgeous city bar.

There it was among the cherubs, the gilding, the giant chandeliers, in the Paris neo-Renaissance Hôtel de Ville worlds away from the modern techniques long part of Issey Miyake’s output. Block-coloured red and yellow lights illuminated the balcony where sound artist EiWada manipulated radio frequencies for a live soundtrack.

Creative director,  Yoshiyuki Miyamae, took colours from the Aurora Borealis, northern lights, together with the ‘Pleats, Please’ legacy developed by the house. And for their AW /17 collection Miyake, collaborating with Dutch shoe label United Nude, kitted out models in bootie trainers with white corrugated soles, and ankle strap flats with chamelon-like soles that change colour from different angles.

This should take me from work to play, seamlessly, from demented shop keeper to ‘Silver Bullet’ sipping sophisticat at the ‘Oribe.’



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