‘I’ve heard of worse things, Madame.’

IN September 2017 we’d just returned from a holiday with one of my six grandsons, Toby Howarth.  I was about to do a WEA presentation, with slightly chipped nails!

My school friend Anita Damiano became a fashion tutor and among other splendid creations made an academic gown for the Dalai Lama!  I knew from her that even with an enchanting look, neat grooming is essential.

How could I present with slightly dodgy, but still intact gel nails?  To the rescue, ‘Nature’s Fairy’ a deep, pinky, purple Jessica custom nail colour. It was given as an added extra to treatments at the St.Ives Harbour Spa hotel.  It reflected the ambience of the hotel as a whole – civil, friendly, without being intrusive.  However our shower seemed not to be warm enough so I spoke to reception!

Me: We don’t seem to be able to make the shower warm enough. Can you give me any tips?

Receptionist: Have you tried turning the handle completely over to the right?

Me: We may have done, but do you think we might need to have some help with working it?

Receptionist: We could send someone to your room but I think it should work if you try the technique again.

Me: Are you able to show us how to do it?

Receptionist: I could I think.

Me:  I’m a fraction away from asking you to come and shower with me!

Receptionist: I’ve heard of worse things, Madame!






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