‘I’ve heard of worse things, Madame.’

FIRST ‘Workers’ Educational’ (WEA) presentation today! About Fashion and clothing and how we wouldn’t look the way we do without Audrey Hepburn!

Simon’s in Paris at a Beat conference. Bit of a waste in the world’s first Fashion city, I’d say! What’s the matter with Minnesota or Lyons?

I know about the theory of Fashion, but I’ve spent hours and hours with my friend Anita Damiano so I also know what to do if you’re not a natural at the game.

Anita’s fashion drawings distracted me from boring Maths lessons, all those years ago. She became a fashion tutor and among other splendid creations made an academic gown for the Dalai Lama!  I’ve learned from Anita that if the look is not necessarily, perfectly, enchanting then neat grooming is essential.

How could I present with slightly dodgy, but still intact gel nails?  To the rescue, ‘Nature’s Fairy’ a deep, pinky, purple Jessica custom nail colour. It was given as an added extra after the best pedi I’ve ever had at the St.Ives Harbour Spa hotel a couple of weeks ago.

The treatment reflected the ambience of the hotel as a whole. The service was civil friendly without being intrusive. Our shower seemed not to be warm enough. I spoke to reception.

Me: We don’t seem to be able to make the shower warm enough. Can you give me any tips?

Receptionist: Have you tried turning the handle completely over to the right?

Me: We may have done, but do you think we might need to have some help with working it?

Receptionist: We could send someone to your room but I think it should work if you try the technique again.

Me: Are you able to show us how to do it?

Receptionist: I could I think.

Me:  I’m a fraction away from asking you to come and shower with me!

Receptionist: I’ve heard of worse things, Madame!






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