Game of Thrones?

ALTHOUGH my children are modest and kind they seem to be able to find friends and influence others by doing very little. My sister, Ann, thinks it’s something they’ve inherited from her ancestors! I think it’s a mixture of worldwide genes, Galt Toys and Maria Montessori!

Sally insisted on sitting for a place at an independent school but her time at the grammar/comprehensive meant she was able to spread her parents’ democratic educational aspirations to her college, school friends, partners and now her four sons.

Kate is inspiring to her musical, artistic, political friends and continues to teach piano, keep the books, and entertain her numerous boys. Jo also couldn’t live without technology and art. He thought a snail had walked just a metre when we were still seeing yards and inches; described marzipan as ‘eating soap’ and hail stones as ‘ice balls.’

Eve taught herself to read, ride a bike, swim, speak French, fish, drive and generally has led a life chosen for herself. Currently she walks with a large dog twice a day in the Derbyshire hills, through a farm which takes her back to glorious times with her grandparents in Waley Bridge.

Tolerant and only a little self-obsessed she’s recently been watching her youngest nephew on Face Time. Suddenly she saw as clear as mud that the two year old’s behaviour was identical to her own. His personality – set to be clever, pragmatic, determined, confident, sociable and bold, she’d only been with him for about four or five hours in his two/three years. How could she be watching a doppelganger? Why should she argue nurture rather than nature when the answer could only be lying in the genes?


Here they are walking the same walk and talking the same talk in Yorkshire Sculpture Park!

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