Privileged paradise and cyber space trenches!

AS Fashion students, VFX directors, journalists set foot on acres of soft cream plush, outside the perpendicular-tech pavilion, at Christopher Bailey’s, 2013 S/S, Burberry Prorsum show we are in a privileged paradise.

The  drama begins. Dark-suited security staff check credentials.  The tension mounts as each tiny, taupe, picnic stool is taken up and millionaires rub shoulders with the recently employed.  In a hushed dusk conversations continue.  Suddenly, pounding techno music rebounding and reverberating, throbbing through carpet, platforms and seating.

As the first model steps out on the runway, blinds, along each side of the vast venue, are slowly lowered to let in the blazing natural light.   On view outside, Kensington Gardens’ ancient trees in late splendour, predict another summer yet to come.

Sweet models express the Burberry look represented in see-through acrylic, shoulder length, capes – the new epaulettes.  Shorts, it seems, are essentials for next summer for Westwood and Bailey.   Each separate, particular, Prorsum design makes subtle reference to the Burberry archive, interpreted through recently developed colours and fabrics .

Every piece, translated through designer’s eyes, references the  status Burberry imparts in official details.  At first the capes are Burberry enough, but in homage, and  a return to the actual Trench, for the finale, Christopher Bailey delights us.  Seventeen glowing pink, purple, aqua, green, gold coats  are totally referential and especially irreverent.  Cyber princesses at the beginning of the 21st century will look beyond science-fiction in these dreams of delight.  We’ll all want one!

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