‘Dolly Birds’ back in town

MARY Quant’s original ‘dolly birds’ are helping granddaughters  join the fascinating world of Fashion;  setting them up for careers in a business, which brings £22 billion, in direct sales, to the UK economy.

As well as ‘Queen of Frocks,’ Mary Portas,  C4, revitalising Fashion in department stores and on the high street, this inventive industry is seeing Fashion PR agencies growing, by two thirds in six months, and British Fashion Council chairman, Harold Tillman, backing the campaigns.

Grandmothers, who wore Mary Quant and who love Audrey Hepburn, are buying  ‘FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION  the new black magic’  for granddaughters setting off on Fashion courses.  It’s wonderful seeing Film and Fashion linking generations.

Each year, since the economic downturn, Fashion has fought back in high streets, on catwalks, in magazine editorials, on television, on-line, in window displays.  So when the going gets tough, the tough mobilise their forces, to sell more than just a few million, extra, new lipsticks.

With many Fashion students learning about the industry in colleges and universities, in Britain, there is room for optimism.

Above right:  Topshop New York

Waterstone’s, Deansgate, Manchester,  7pm, Thursday 27th October                                                                                                         Waterstone’s, Orchard Square , Sheffield, 5pm to 7pm, Thursday 17th November

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