Living in a Material World

Fashion is at the heart of transformation. We reinvent ourselves, creating and wearing clothes and sharing our passions with our friends and colleagues.

Students, many at university for the first time, had a magical experience when Fashion Design was at the heart of planning for the future.

On the final day of Freshers’ Week, the University of Huddersfield was one of only four in Britain taking part  in  the European Commission’s 2011 Researchers’ Night, with others, from 32 countries in 800 venues, in 320 towns and cities across the continent.

Inspired by historic links between the university and the regional textile, and chemical industries, researchers ran workshops  and displays on the science of dyeing, a demonstration of wool spinning, the psychology of shoe wearing, and on designing and customising clothes.

Lecturer Karen Dennis who runs the social enterprise, Leeds-based, Ketchup, creating clothes from recycled materials, encouraged students to take existing garments; to transform them, taking inspiration from the high street and the catwalk.

“When I first started selling recycled clothes, people would say ‘Ugh! It’s old stuff!’  But that has changed, which gives me a lot of hope, and there are more and more companies in the field.”

She is determined to make an impact with the clothes-buying public, suggesting they look in their wardrobes and think hard about the contents.

“It’s about having fun,” says Dr Dennis, who wants to show that everybody is capable of being a designer.

Newcomers modelling their inspirations were amazed to be taking part in an international celebration of enterprise and creativity – making university life well worth the wait!

Image above from FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION the new black magic  Launching at WATERSTONE’S, New Street, Huddersfield, Saturday October 1st, 11. 30 am till 3pm  and WATERSTONE’S, Deansgate, Manchester, Thursday 27th October at 7pm.  Dress code:  Glam, Goth, Gaga

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