Roman Holiday

Vanity Fair toasts  50th Anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany‘s, 1962.   Gorgeous as it is B@T isn’t  the film which began Audrey Hepburn’s lasting links with Fashion, when Europe and America fell in love with her looks.

It was Roman Holiday in 1953.

Hepburn plays a maverick princess, out on the town, riding a Vespa, having on-street make-over, ice cream, river boat trip and a kiss from a gambling journalist.  The movie put Rome on the map for tourists.

Then, when Audrey’s character is transformed in Paris, ‘Sabrina,’ 1954, the real love affair with Fashion and Givenchy began.  Writing about B@T, Sabrina, Roman Holiday, and Funny Face I discover why Audrey has never lost her enchantment and reveal how Roland Barthes, reclusive gay French philosopher, was sexually excited by her image.

Image above right: ‘FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION the new black magic’:  Rome went stellar on the tourist map and Audrey Hepburn inspired ‘the look.’

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