Spirit of the age and how!

Mary Quant suggested I travelled with her and  husband Alexander Plunkett Green, to interview them, on their way to Manchester airport.  It was the first step to finding out about Fashion, itself.  Enormously exciting, as the cab sped away from Chester, and I began scribbbling, frantically.  They  shared  insights into how to run a Fashion business in a downturn.  It was September 1981.  Since then the world has learned masses about Fashion’s importance to the economy, and Mary’s own book, Quant on Quant, was a huge help to me.  Now as I prepare to do signings in  Huddersfield, Manchester, and Sheffield,  I am grateful for their generous, modern, sixties spirits and recall the whole experience with terrific pleasure.  Students, who know of Mary Quant’s life and times, love the idea of my lucky break.

Above right: Mary Quant researches fabrics to make Dolly Birds’ lives more eventful

FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION the new black magic –  Signings and slide show at WATERSTONE’S, New Street, Huddersfield, Saturday October 1st, 11. 30 am till 3pm  and WATERSTONE’S, Deansgate, Manchester, Thursday 27th October at 7pm.  Dress code:  Glam, Goth, Gaga

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