Rabbits, Communism and Free Trade.

Chris TT, at the off Edinburgh Fringe, a student at Bretton Hall, Yorkshire, in the 1990s on a Popular Music BA,  was secretary of the Student Union, organising gigs, etc and frequent performer.  His career since has been diverse and creative.  He has DVDs and playlists out.  He performs at festivals and writes for listings magazines and The Morning Star.

His children’s show, ‘Disobedience,’ began when he realised how his own work is influenced by AA Milne’s children’s verse. We caught up with him in Edinburgh just after meeting a trio of Norwegian Education and Arts consultants at the Book Festival.  We told them about Chris’s show before we had seen it, because it is designed for children.  However, after seeing it I do hope they manage to contact him and make something happen, because Norway needs every help in keeping up its morale just now.  Chris TT’s ‘Disobedience’ is such a tonic – recalling the joys of childhood and the wit and whimsey it brings to Art and Music.

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