A talent to amuse?

In  a television show about Fashion,this Spring, what happened to wit, delight, pleasure, joy, excitement, smiling, laughter, fragrance, music, fun?   Simple answer:  the programme  was presented by a man, Alex Riley.  Described as a comedian,  he seemed to have no views on  how Fashion makes men, and women, happy.  Maybe he has never owned an exquisite object, filling him with wonder about its manufacture, its history, its impact.

‘Secrets of the Superbrands’, 9pm BBC3 revealed nothing more than a  First Year Fashion undergraduate would already know.

When we learned that parts of the brain relating to the emotions were stimulated by beauty, if a Gucci, Chanel, or  Prada bag appeared on screen, as opposed to one made for sale in, say, Tesco; why would we be surprised? ‘Duuh!’

The woman, willing victim, lying in the scanner, would know stories of the designers, the sources of the fabrics, the legacy of the labels, when the objects of desire were signed under the images.  Of course, aesthetic senses are alerted!

Riley, whose taste is certainly in his mouth, seemed genuinely unable to believe that the Fashion industry is a 21st century marvel; employing millions of people worldwide, fulfilling our fantasies, while dressing us for life’s  fulfilling roles.

Will it take a rocket scientist to champion the idea that Fashion helps us to stay most human by moving towards pleasure and away from pain? If it does let’s hope she’s a woman and understands the difference between a tester and a test tube.

Above left: from FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION the new black magic  as  M&S persuaded Antonio Banderas to perform the exact moment when Scarlett fell for Rhett.

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