Fashion savvy?

Will Gompertz didn’t show at the Naim June Paik symposium, on Friday, at Liverpool’s Film/Media centre, FACT.  So  this weblog is mainly directed at him.

Hadley Freeman’s column in The Guardian, is witty, New York in its, acerbic, one-liner style; Dorothy Parker might well be an ancestor. But on Thursday night’s, BBC 2, Culture Show her, non-Freudian, Fashion slip was showing.

Reviewing fourteen year old Tavi’s career, as a Fashion blogger, Freeman associated her with Anna Wintour; revealing  a strange ignorance of the Fashion game.  Tavi might, one day, edit/create/design more than just her own blog but Anna Wintour is not a writer.

If Freeman has seen ‘The September Issue’, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ or the Marie Claire, vehicle, ‘Running in Heels,’  she would know that Fashion editors do not compete with writers.  They commission works to fit in with overall concepts for specific editions. They collaborate with creative directors to invent new visual forms.  They consult with industry leaders and Fashion designers to inspire cults and trends.

In, David Frankel’s  film, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ the Fashion world is tied together; its links with the Media and with the clothing industry are revealed  (p.4 * ‘Fashion, Media, Promotion, the new black magic’).

With successful Fashion academics, and writers, in Britain and America and millions of sophisticated Fashion consumers there could be a Media trick to be turned, on something like the Culture Show, with more inclusive, Fashion-savvy, angles waiting to be explored.

Above right: *Celebrating Fashion’s links with Hollywood.

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