Issie Blow and Daphne Guinness

Thank heavens Daphne Guinness has the clout to save Isabella Blow’s legend as an inspirational muse rather than let money-grubbing morbid bidding wars begin. Hint Magazine’s sensitive interpretation of her purchase of the whole collection, of Blow’s bizarre wardrobe, will keep the eclectic mix of costume and Fashion together for the next generation of Fashion lovers and artists to wonder at.
Fashion mavericks like Isabella Blow are as essential to the Fashion industry as original designers and artists, inventors like Elsa Schiaparelli and Andy Warhol. They prepare Fashion for the worlds of marketing and manufacturing by moving from the real to the imaginary in extreme directions. They introduce novel ways to dress, and look, to take the industry on to its next reinvention. These innovators need supporting; otherwise we lose out to those who simply sell clothes while neglecting joy and pleasure.

Their reputations need protecting. Well done Daphne

Above left: Issie Blow and Anna Piaggi – mavericks who make the Fashion industry tick  FMP tnbm p.28

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